We Embrace Change

Over 30 years, a lot has changed. But the institutions each of us have worked with have never dropped their standards.

How? Because true quality is only achieved when it is consistent, no matter what. 

For us, change is not a dizzying disruption, but a requisite for growth. At SOHO, we are adaptable, flexible and ever-evolving, just like the demands of today’s customers. 

We are Detail Oriented

There are only two types of people who can look at the same thing everybody else does, but see something different – a dissatisfied customer, and an experienced housekeeper. 

We’re proud to say we’ve spent more than 30 years finding solutions to problems only we notice.  We are organized, our work is thorough, and we understand what customers mean by words like “vibe”, “feel” and “something is off…”. For us, God is in the details and helps us fix them.

We are Respectful of People, Processes, Planet

Thinking long-term is in our DNA. And that’s what you need today, to stay ahead of your competition, tomorrow. 

At SOHO, we will synergize our efforts to help you build a future-ready workforce, develop agile processes, inculcate sustainable business practices, and reduce wastage.

We are Quality-Driven

We have defined, developed, and driven the Indian hospitality experience that is famous the world over. 

SOHO combines the expertise and experience of Housekeeping extraordinaire who have set quality benchmarks at boutique resorts, and globally renowned properties, including The Oberoi, The Taj, The Imperial, ITC, Park Hotels, and India’s largest hotel chain, OYO Rooms.

We are Resourceful

We are natural problem solvers. Bring us your confusion and we will transform it into customer satisfaction.  

We never bow down to a challenge and are always looking for the next one. SOHO, our latest entrepreneurial venture, is a testament to our reservoir of resilience, ambition, and boundless creativity.

We are Passionate and Grateful

We know how lucky we are to have done what we love for more than 30 years each. And we are ever grateful to have an opportunity to take our passion to the next level.

Our goal with SOHO is to build warm, honest and positive relationships with our fellow professionals and entrepreneurs, to help unlock a joyous and gainful future.

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