Reviews & Audits of Housekeeping Operations

A SOHO consultant visits your property a pre-decided number of times with professional auditors to assess its problems and potential. An audit report is prepared and presented. The SOHO consultant coaches and mentors your Senior Housekeeping team and equips them with an action plan, giving tools, skills and guidance for improvement.

How does it work?

  • A SOHO consultant stays at the hotel for 5 – 6 days and conducts a 2-3-day audit of the housekeeping operation. 
  • Once complete, the SOHO consultant prepares a report and an action plan for the housekeeper and the team. 
  • For the remaining days, the consultant coaches and mentors the senior housekeeping team through the action plan; offering tools, skills, and guidance to improve operations.

Who is it for?

  • Housekeepers in any operation; however, this is particularly useful for newly promoted housekeeping managers. 
  • Housekeeping teams going through periods of major change.

How will your housekeeping teams benefit?

The emphasis is on assisting the housekeeping team to develop solutions by helping them offer the best possible service to a guest.

How long is the programme?

  • The initial audit and implementation of the action plan lasts 5 – 6 days, depending on the complexity of the property. 
  • A follow up visit of 3 days, after 3 – 6 months is strongly recommended to ensure the action plan is on track. We can then help fine tune the operations and offer on-going support and guidance to the housekeeping team.

How will your housekeeping function and teams benefit?

  • The housekeeping managers gain confidence and this enables them to be decisive, and improve financial and service quality performance of the department. 
  • With an outside impartial view of housekeeping, the senior management can be assured the housekeeping operation is working at its optimal and most productive pace. The management will also gain further insights into the housekeeping operation to find ways to support the team achieve tangible goals.

What can you expect?

  • Comprehensive report on challenges in the housekeeping operations and how to fix them. 
  • Practical tools and methods to improve productivity, financial results and streamline the housekeeping function.
  • Clear guidelines that any housekeeper can follow in the form of an action plan. 
  • Direction and training on the implementation of the action plan.
  • Measurable KPIs to support audit findings.
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