Wondering how to better negative customer reviews that don’t align with the standards you aspire to? Looking for a more efficient and cost-effective way to manage operations? Perhaps even maximize your staff’s output? Or just stay ahead of the competition by improving your brand value?

SOHO helps your business improve customer experience and maximize productivity with its 5 customizable services:

Pre- Opening Support

A SOHO consultant helps you create an action plan to successfully launch your property. Walk away with standards for People, Process, and Products, as well as a set of requirements for all equipment and expertise. Work is conducted both on and off-site via emails and video conferencing, and follow-up visits are conducted for up to 6 weeks after.

mystery Guest Program

Know what your customers really think of you? SOHO consultants go undercover as a customer to find out what they’re really experiencing and uncover the real reason behind your ratings and reviews! To do this, an experienced, anonymous Assessor visits your property, and/or uses each service, and then details the experience in a comprehensive report.

Corporate Housekeeping Services

With SOHO as your Corporate Housekeeping Services Provider, you can enlist a Senior SOHO Consultant for the full or partial range of Housekeeping services and outsource the expertise needed to run a smooth Housekeeping operation. This is an ongoing engagement that ensures your staff is ready to deliver as per your guests’ expectations.

Training & Recruitment Support In Housekeeping

When devising a training program for your Housekeeping staff, a broad spectrum of areas must be covered to achieve continuity and confidence. A SOHO Consultant meets with your Management team to understand the Housekeeping setup and devise a stand-alone or ongoing annual training plan to achieve your desired results.

Review & Audit Of Housekeeping Operations

A SOHO consultant visits your property a pre-decided number of times with professional auditors to assess its problems and potential. An audit report is prepared and presented. The SOHO consultant coaches and mentors your Senior Housekeeping team and equips them with an action plan, giving tools, skills and guidance for improvement.

Whom do we help?

No matter what kind of business you operate, you have customers who expect safety, quality, and comfort. SOHO can help you exceed these expectations with the perfect combination of experience,  expertise, and dynamism.

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