Corporate Housekeeping

At SOHO, we provide corporate housekeeping consultancy and training services as per a flexible, efficient, and cost-effective tailored time plan.

SOHO consultants assist with projects for existing properties or those in a pre-opening phase. We make sure the high standards you set are achieved and consistently maintained across all of your properties.


How does it work?

You can enlist a consultant for a full or partial range of housekeeping services with SOHO as your corporate housekeeping services provider. This includes a fixed number of days for the group at any of your properties for the length of time required.

Follow-up visits will continue up to 6 weeks post-opening to assist in the complete training of the housekeeping team.

The work can be conducted both on-site and off-site via emails and phone calls.

Who is it for?

  • Any company that requires the assistance of corporate housekeeping services to improve and enhance housekeeping operations. 
  • Medium-sized companies that do not require a full-time corporate housekeeper.
  • Existing properties that need housekeeping assistance or those that require help at a pre-opening stage.
  • Critical decisions such as layout, FF&E, machinery and equipment options, procurement, setup of mock-up room, and department of housekeeping can be made easily with SOHO. Once the management takes over, preparation and initial work is then handed over.

Assignments can be undertaken for all properties within a group or standalone ones as well, while guaranteeing corporate discretion and confidentiality.


How will your Housekeeping teams and functions benefit from this service?

  • Your housekeeping department will get clear corporate guidelines to adhere to that includes quality standards, productivity, and consistent results.
  • Housekeepers throughout the group will have a coordinated and uniform approach to all aspects of housekeeping management.

How long does it take?


The areas that can be covered within corporate housekeeping services include:

What can you expect?

SOHO assists in the following areas of housekeeping management.

  • Review and update of housekeeping operations manual to ensure consistency within the group. 
  • Development of best practices and performance measurement tools to provide MIS ensuring corporate-specific service values are consistently fulfilled at all properties.
  • Periodic operational reviews of each property in consultation with the management.
  • Review of corporate standard guidelines.


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