Mystery Guest Programmer


Do you know what your guests think of you? Are you achieving your quality and brand standard goals? Do you know how you stand against your competitors? Most importantly, are you meeting your guests’ expectations?


SOHO’s Mystery Guest Programme or Standards Assessment Programme allows you to confidently address these questions by experiencing the properties’ service and facilities from a guest’s perspective. Our

How does it work?

The Mystery Guest Programmer (Standards Assessment Programmer) assesses an actual guest experience for a specific service in an individual or a group of properties. To do this, an experienced, anonymous assessor visits each property, and/or uses every service before detailing the experience in a comprehensive report. 


The SOHO program is conducted by an experienced mystery guest assessor (who has a profile similar to the hotel’s typical guest) and professional hotel evaluators. The programmer can measure compliance with general industry quality standards but can also be customized to focus on particular needs and specific corporate standards.




Who is it for?


This programmer is designed for any property that could be an independent, moderate boutique property or one belonging to a large international luxury group.


How long is it?

The duration of a Standards Assessment Programme depends on the scope of the assessment.

A comprehensive overall assessment of a property is usually conducted over a 24-hour (1 night) or 48-hour (2 night) period.

How will your Housekeeping teams and functions benefit from this service?

  • Get a detailed inspection of whether your property conforms to the desired branding and image standards.
  • Note how your property compares with competitors to help establish your guests’ perceptions and your business’ position in the market.
  • Consolidate your business’ strengths and recognize areas for development to better understand how to allocate precious funds and calculate budgets.

What can you expect?


In preparation for an assessment, a checklist is created in conjunction with property management. This lists each facility and service to be assessed and the required standards.


After the audit checklist has been approved, the service is used and/or the property is visited and assessed by an anonymous, unbiased, experienced assessor.

The assessor uses the services and facilities as an actual guest would. Using the checklist, the services and facilities are assessed in a Yes/No manner to ensure objective reporting.


  • On completion of the assessment, information is analysed and formatted by the assessor, providing meaningful, easy-to-read statistical and observation reports. 
  • Statistical reports provide percentile results of each department and service area.
  • Assessor’s report analyses the results of the assessment from a guest’s perspective.
  • Assessments are conducted with an objective checklist detailing the compliance of each service and facility, which is agreed upon prior to the audit taking place.
  • Non-conforming items are supported by photographic evidence.
  • Reports are completed and forwarded by email within the agreed period.
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