Training & Recruitment Support in Housekeeping

No matter how large or small your property is, your housekeeping staff is the backbone of your business and must be trained to the highest level of quality and care as per the standards you set. Then again, are you aspiring to the right standards? Are you achieving them? How do you better your housekeeping training to ensure you do?


SOHO provides housekeeping training and staffing services on a flexible, efficient, and cost-effective tailored time plan to ensure your entire department adheres to the high standards your customers deserve. 


A designated SOHO consultant assists with any project for existing properties or those in pre-opening phases. We ensure the achievement and maintenance of consistently high standards for all properties within the group or standalone properties while guaranteeing corporate discretion and confidentiality.

How does it work?

When devising a training program for your housekeeping staff, a broad spectrum of areas needs to be covered to ensure continuity and confidence are achieved. 

Our SOHO consultant will meet your management team to understand the housekeeping setup and devise a stand-lone or ongoing annual training plan to achieve the desired results. 

Who is it for?

  • Any company that requires assistance with training services to improve and enhance housekeeping operations. 
  • Existing properties or those in a pre-opening phase. 
  • Properties within a group or standalone properties, while guaranteeing corporate discretion and confidentiality.

How will your housekeeping function and teams benefit?

The right training prprograms are the difference between acceptable and exceptional. Owners win with efficient operations while guests do so with a higher quality product and personalized service.  Housekeepers excel with motivated and better-trained teams. 


The skills your housekeeping teams learn and hone can be the difference between the success and failure of your property.  

Some of the areas we look to improve include:

  • Meaningful order of room cleaning
  • Proper use of detergents and equipment
  • Grooming guidelines
  • Proper etiquettes of behavior, posture, and a standard set of phrases for ideal communication with Some of the areas we look to improve include: guests
  • Efficient room inventory control
  • Workforce planning
  • Setting up work plans
  • Definition of standards
  • Communication with other departments – SLAs with coordination departments- front office, F&B, stores, and purchase

How long does it take?

Our training programs can start from one week to a fortnight spread across the year based on the management’s requirements. The best results can be achieved with a periodic review and repeat programs to factor in the turnover of staff at this level.

What can you expect?

Areas that can be covered within training and recruitment services include:

  • Upskilling at all levels of the department through customized training modules for different housekeeping levels.
  • Finding the right housekeeping staff and recruitment assistance.
  • Productivity tracking and reporting.
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